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Mar 2015
Mathias Latournerie
Mar 27 2015 11:52
Do you think that using the minified version of PIXI gives a boost speed beyond the download speed ? I'm wondering if, using CocoonJS (files are local), I should use the minified version. I wonder if it may be slower for webkit to read it.
Olav Lindekleiv
Mar 27 2015 12:00
Use the nonminified version for debugging (or with source maps) and the minified one for anything else
Mathias Latournerie
Mar 27 2015 13:35
Well, you may be right, but I'm more looking for a "why" than a "what"
Mar 27 2015 13:47

Well, I doubt that it makes a notable difference to be honest. A minified code might be parsed a little bit quicker (no unnecessary comments/whitespaces etc) - but on the execution time in the end it should have no big effect when using modern Javascript engines.

Not sure about the memory with minified variable names though...

However, thinking of all that optimizations of modern javascript engines and just-in-time-compilation - I really do not know whats going on internally

But it's an interesting question.

Chad Engler
Mar 27 2015 15:22
There should be no noticable difference between the minified and non minified versions as far as runtime speed goes
It is there to optimize download speed and disk space.
Mathias Latournerie
Mar 27 2015 15:24
ok thanks. do you think it is the same with multiple script tag ? I wonder if I should concatenate my files (once again, I do not care about download speed here)
Chad Engler
Mar 27 2015 15:39
combining files is a network optimization
Could also be a disk read optimization since opening/closing files is not free
Mathias Latournerie
Mar 27 2015 16:55
You're right, it wont hurt and could help the file system. Thanks, will do that !