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Mar 2015
Mathias Latournerie
Mar 31 2015 14:10
Hey ! I do have a question, not sure if it is a bug or not documented yet : are CONST.RESOLUTION and CONST.FILTER_RESOLUTION supposed to be set manually in my code ? What is the difference with the renderer.resolution property ?
I just found that it was this const that was making my cacheAsBitmap blurry
Chad Engler
Mar 31 2015 14:12
You can definitely set the value in your code, as for why there is one on the renderer and one in const that is a good question. I thought mat was going to remove one of them, don't remember which...
Mathias Latournerie
Mar 31 2015 14:13
Ok, thanks. I will at least report it about cacheAsBitmap. I do believe it should take the renderer resolution in any case
Not sure about other RenderTexture