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Apr 2015
Mathias Latournerie
Apr 24 2015 15:19
Indeed, my version of PIXI wasn't up to date in my sandbox
So, here is the v1.0 of this plugin.
there is one thing that I didn't manage to do is to put a const directly inside my namespace
atm it is PIXI.cocoontext.CONST.TEXT_RESOLUTION and i'd like PIXI.cocoontext.TEXT_RESOLUTION
but I don't understand how to do it
Mathias Latournerie
Apr 24 2015 16:55
How to include the MIT licence of PIXI on top of the MIT licence of a third party plugin ?
If there is anything special to know or to write, it could be useful to propose a licence template for potential plugins
Chad Engler
Apr 24 2015 17:29
you don't need to put the pixi license on top of your license for your plugin
though we recommend you use MIT or ISC license for maximum compatibility with pixi's MIT license