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May 2015
May 01 2015 01:34
Hey guys, loving Pixi v3 so far! One thing I noticed about the examples. Is the displacement map one meant to have a line of distortion following the sphere around? It appears to the left side of it, and goes along to the left edge of the canvas.
Also I should add, I'm finding it easier to do game graphics stuff with Pixi now than with GameMaker Studio :)
I have a bug in for the displacement filter
May 01 2015 02:56
Ah brilliant! :)
David Bonet
May 01 2015 17:14

Hi, Im David.
I'm making a game with pixi.js in Arpic games (Starriser). We need to represent a galaxy with thousand of connections between solar systems. For that task we use lines with PIXI.Graphics. Now we have a patch on top of pixi that draw 1px lines with GL_LINE instead of an GL_TRIANGLES. This patch has problems.

The patch is this:

@MortimerGoro suggested me to use this method instead:

He gave me a sample code and now I want to make a patch on Pixi with that code.

The code create one array buffer for the vertexs and other array for the normals and line width. I Imagine this means that I need to change the method that render and binds the uniforms and buffers.

It's documented in how to make that? what would you advise me to do that?

Thanks! :D

David Bonet
May 01 2015 18:20
Other option is implement from scratch a plugin for pixi v3. If it's the best solution, where do I start?
Chad Engler
May 01 2015 18:29
There isn't really documentation on how to make core renderer changes
is a good place to start to see how the current graphics is drawn
sounds like a good plugin though