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Jul 2015
Olav Lindekleiv
Jul 01 2015 08:13
If I have a filter set on a container, and I have several sprites inside it that are located outside the window, does the fragment shader run on those too?
Jul 01 2015 13:06
Plop, newb here! Is this the right place to ask questions about the way the API works internally? I'd like to discover precisely what's behind the magicness of a couple components
Chad Engler
Jul 01 2015 14:13
Here or the forums are both good places
Jul 01 2015 20:26
Well, after stumbling upon this PIXI example on spritesheets I was a bit puzzled by this "magicness" part.
All that we see is the loading of a JSON. How are the frames loaded, where, from what image? What's this format exactly?
After a bit of reading the JSON and starting to understand its fields, I wondered if there was any kind of documentation on that (except reading the parser code).
Is there any thorough documentation on what the loader expects?
Jul 01 2015 20:33
How to use it?