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Oct 2015
Oct 15 2015 01:47
hey guys, any easy way to just stop or pause the entire canvas?
I have a small movieclip and I am also animating a sprite with
function animate() {
                  count += 0.01;
                  var bob = Math.cos(count);
                  var bob2 = Math.sin(count);
                  cloudGroup.position.y = 0 + (15 * bob2);
                  cloudGroup.rotation = 0.01 * bob;
Chad Engler
Oct 15 2015 14:44
stop rendering
Oct 15 2015 14:54
Is there a stop method for the renderer? I've tried renderer.currentRenderer.stop(); but that didn't stop anything.
David Bonet
Oct 15 2015 18:54
only stop calling the render function.
Oct 15 2015 18:56

Yep, that's what I think @englercj said to do on the forums... not sure if there's a better approach, but I listen for a scroll event and I set a boolean according to the current url & distance to top of page... then I just wrapped the renderer.render(stage) like:

if (animate){

and it seems to be working really well