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Jan 2016
Ivan Popelyshev
Jan 02 2016 20:56
pixi-spine now works with resolutions correctly, and it uses async loader
thanks to @englercj who explained me how to do it.
Chad Engler
Jan 02 2016 21:00
No problem man, glad you got it working!
Ivan Popelyshev
Jan 02 2016 21:10
Cookbook for pixi-spine wasnt updated for a long time and i dont remember where is it
i just put examples in
"how to choose resolution" and "how to use compressed textures"
adapters that can be used with spine loader. standart fromImage and async loader
Ivan Popelyshev
Jan 02 2016 21:56
I'll finish my textureRotate patch next time
we still didnt fix trimming and other stuff