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Jan 2016
Micheal Winger
Jan 14 2016 00:49
@ivanpopelyshev i see what you mean with the math being easier. i just got done doing a simple version of the "square" iso map - and i put indexes overtop of each tile. it made it very obvious that even doing a simple distance check is better
since corners and sides in the diamond one are different distances, where as in the square one they're all the same distance
Micheal Winger
Jan 14 2016 05:18
there :D all ported over.
Ivan Popelyshev
Jan 14 2016 13:04
yeah, distance in screen is dsds = dxdx+dy*dy
in game logic it must be something like
ds * ds = dx * dx + dy * dy * 4
because , you know, Y is scaled a bit :)