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Mar 2016
Bar Ziony
Mar 03 2016 15:41
Anyone knows where did the Canvas Inspector went in Chrome?
I can't find it anymore in the Experiments tab of the developer tools
Ivan Popelyshev
Mar 03 2016 15:41
yeah , i had that problem too
but i somehow found z-layers inspector there
Dave Moore
Mar 03 2016 18:59
@Bartzy they took it out months ago, something to do with it being hacky and effecting the proper canvas rendering code. Use Firefox Developer Edition, it's canvas inspector is very good, even better than Chrome's was
Ivan Popelyshev
Mar 03 2016 19:00
@themoonrat nice
@MattOstgard because cacheAsBitmap
You have to separate it into two containers, inner have filter and upper - cacheAsBitmap
or may be inner bitmap and outer filter
Matt Ostgard
Mar 03 2016 22:36
@ivanpopelyshev ah okay thanks!