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Apr 2016
Dave Moore
Apr 08 2016 22:29 UTC
Hey can someone explain the flow of pull requests on github a little please. Using pixi at work, and we've finally gotten the go ahead to submit patches! Until then, I was kinda maintaining our own version bringing in other patches from pull requests that pixi hadn't taken yet but we needed. But some have now, and with v4 coming out, we'll submit patches and get onto as pure a branch as we can. But looking at previous patches i'd manually added - for example, pixijs/pixi.js#2381 - I see that it has been merged into the dev trunk, yet when I look there - I can't see that code change actually reflected in the dev branch
Am I missing something?
Ivan Popelyshev
Apr 08 2016 22:59 UTC
so you setup your repo as "origin" (you cloned local copy from it)
and pixijs/pixi.js as "upstream"
you "fetch" everything from ustream
then "git merge upstream/dev" so your current branch is merged with dev
(better to work in "dev" too)
then you create new branch and commit your changes there and create pull request at github :)
actually, tell me your email, i'll add you to slack
submitted pixijs/pixi.js#2474 as a super tiny first pr :p - bigger one on the way if that looks ok