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Aug 2016
Aug 01 2016 19:26
Hi guys! Need your advice. I'm drawing a real-time chart with Pixi and I'm currently using one big PIXI.Graphics object and MoveTo+LineTo operations to draw the chart, then shifting the whole containers position to the left. It becomes very laggy as the chart length grows. From what I googled, Graphics object is not very fast, but what could I use instead? The chart lines are all 1px wide and there are no repeating figures, it's just a constantly changing array of dots, basically. What's the best way to draw it so that it performs well?
Ivan Popelyshev
Aug 01 2016 21:03
there was a solution for that
basically, you have to take pixi-v4
take Mesh
but make your own object of it, which supports LINES :)
unfortunately poerson who did that didn't himplement it as a plugin
so you have to read the stuff
Endel Dreyer
Aug 01 2016 21:45
Hey guys, what's the plan on this repository? :)
Ivan Popelyshev
Aug 01 2016 23:01
I want to try making Haxe backends for android and iOS
I mean, you write on Haxe or something generic like that with PIXI API and it goes on all systems
basically, same architecture as in libgdx or Haxe stuff
translate strictly-typed code to different systems, make PIXI API the main thing there