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Aug 2016
Hans Elias J.
Aug 07 2016 00:25
okey, so correct me if i'm wrong
pixi simplified lately, removed scene in favor of using containers directly
before the root scene always received interaction events without any bounds checks (am i right?)
however now, events like mousedown will not reach the root container unless it passes the bounds check
in that's the case it's now a lot more tricky to implement things like panning
Hans Elias J.
Aug 07 2016 00:30
unless i am missing something
Ivan Popelyshev
Aug 07 2016 01:36
yeah, i think so
you can always set stage.hitArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, renderer.width/renderer.resolution, renderer.height/renderer.resotution)
and make its interaction=true;
that rectangle you will need for other stuff too, don't forget to change its width/height on resize
Hans Elias J.
Aug 07 2016 09:20
that seems to work, thanks for the tip