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Sep 2016
Sep 04 2016 13:01 UTC
I recently went to pixi4 from pixi3 and I'm getting this error:
Uncaught Error: It appears that you're using glslify in browserify without its transform applied. Make sure that you've set up glslify as a source transform:
using webpack
I put "browserify": { "transform": [ "glslify" ] } in my package.json, but it didn't help
Sep 04 2016 13:08 UTC
never mind
just found the solution here
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This message was deleted

coryasato commented on Aug 5 • edited
Works for v3+. For v4+ I had to use ify-loader, glslify complains about a transform.

npm install --save-dev ify-loader browserify-versionify

postLoaders: [
include: path.resolve(__dirname, 'node_modules/pixi.js'),
loader: 'ify'
Thats it, I removed transform-loader and brfs from my deps and it rolls fine.