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Sep 2016
Ashley Hier
Sep 08 2016 15:22
Hi guys, after updating to v4 I have noticed a potential problem with cache as bitmap on containers. Upon using cacheAsBitmap, with canvas renderer the texture does not take into account container scaling and reverts back to original texture size
Ivan Popelyshev
Sep 08 2016 18:14
@UrKr PIXI.GC_MODES.DEFAULT = PIXI.GC_MODES.AUTO before you create a renderer
and if you want ot run manually
cacheAsBitmap is changing every time, please use extra container in that case
Sep 08 2016 20:31
@ivanpopelyshev Thank you!
Ivan Popelyshev
Sep 08 2016 20:38
also, renderer.textureGC.mode = PIXI.GC_MODES.AUTO helps too