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Sep 2016
Chad Engler
Sep 15 2016 14:28
@wwepenguin pixijs/pixi.js#2876
Sep 15 2016 14:36
Sep 15 2016 15:49
I have a container that contains a bunch of draggable sprites. I also want to be able to right click on that area to open a context menu
to do that I tried making another container over the first one with a hit area covering the first one
but now the click events when I try do drag the objects below that hit area don't fire for the draggable objects
I assume they're intercepted by the container above
any way around this?
Ivan Popelyshev
Sep 15 2016 17:08
yeah, like for every draggable object
when you drag it , it needs to be on top of eerything
you can use "pixi-display" plugin to solve that if you dont want to move it between containers or inside children array
Sep 15 2016 17:15
thanks, I'll check that out