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Oct 2016
Ralph Sto. Domingo
Oct 24 2016 07:21
Seems like there was once a Gray filter before, and now we have ColorMatrix. But what value can I give greyscale function so that I can remove it, .enabled aside?
I mean, like the zero value, but not turning it into black or something, a single value I can tween or something like that.
Ivan Popelyshev
Oct 24 2016 13:15
i dont remember which one is monochrome :)
Chad Engler
Oct 24 2016 14:16
You can call filter.reset()
There is no value you can pass to greyscale that will make it not greyscale
Oct 24 2016 15:47
Hello here! I just got to discover some (already reported/documented) issues regarding pixi v3, blendModes and "premultiplied alphas"...
i mean "already reported" in pre-v3; so i wanted to ask if anybody knows if this issue is fixed already or still being an issue in v3? I do have some not-desired effects rendering a sprite with PIXI.BLENDMODES.ADD
Oct 24 2016 15:52
Two sprites on the scene, the one below is the "starry" one, the second (above, rendering wrong) is a radial-gradient-filled circle
both come from the same atlas.png
Oct 24 2016 16:06
i found these "flavors" in the source,
v3: this.blendModes[CONST.BLEND_MODES.ADD] = [gl.SRC_ALPHA, gl.DST_ALPHA];
a suggested patch here: this.blendModes[CONST.BLEND_MODES.ADD] = [gl.ONE, gl.ONE];
v4 (current): this.blendModes[CONST.BLEND_MODES.ADD] = [gl.ONE, gl.DST_ALPHA];
with a grand // TODO - premultiply alpha would be different. in v4