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Oct 2016
Ivan Popelyshev
Oct 25 2016 00:48
in v4 its always premultiplied
Ralph Sto. Domingo
Oct 25 2016 01:20
Learned that the hard way. Other filters can have this zero value but .grayscale does not. Will look into alternatives. Thanks
Ralph Sto. Domingo
Oct 25 2016 02:40
Any tips for improving performance on mobile?
Oct 25 2016 10:27
@prime-ralph downscale your images, most performance optimizations for pc also work for mobile so just look for performance optimizations;)
Emin Durak
Oct 25 2016 13:20
Hi! We use Pixi in our app. Eveything is good but all graphics appear pixelated - really not nice. How can I make it so that it's all crisp? Any suggestions are all welcome.
You can check it up here (attention to the circles on the right and the curves in the timeline):
The app has been developed by another developer so I don't have the full control over it