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Dec 2016
Pierrick Pluchon
Dec 01 2016 15:22
Hello guys ! Simple question, but, how do you handle correctly window resize?
i have renderer.resize(this.VIEWPORT_SIZE.w, this.VIEWPORT_SIZE.h) (where it is window. innerWidth and innerHeight). My canvas element is then correctly resized, but my PIXI elements (sprite, graphics, etc) are not resized/rescaled. Am I missing something? (using the latest PIXI version, 4.2.3)
Pierrick Pluchon
Dec 01 2016 15:31
Do I need to rescale my main container? Thought it was easier in V3, but i may be wrong
Dec 01 2016 22:57
Hey all, when making multiple textures fromCanvas, is it possible to update() a single texture without updating all the texture instances?