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Dec 2016
Mike Botsko
Dec 28 2016 19:02
is there a way to update a filter for a container? I'm toying with using a shader to darken things, simulating night. it works fine, except I need to adjust the shader value over time. looks like replacing the filters array causes problems, so I'm wondering what else I can do
nevermind, it does work
Justin Miller
Dec 28 2016 19:36

Does anybody have any optimization tips for dealing with large numbers of containers? I am attempting to display 200+ containers in viewport at once; each container having a sprite, graphics object, and text object. Each container represents a data model. My fps is really low like this.

Some things I have tried already:

  • cacheAsBitmap - Causes the bounds of my elements to be incorrect, removes interaction support from the stage. Still need to experiment more with this.
  • GenerateTexture/RenderTexture - This solves the fps problem, but now it takes a long time for the app to load since it has to generate textures for each container.

I appreciate any help I cold get here. My overall experience with render optimization is limited. Thanks!

Mike Botsko
Dec 28 2016 22:40
@SuperiorJT have you run any profiling on the app? make sure you don't have any bottlenecks on your end. I have a procedural tilemap game so I display several hundred containers as well without any fps issues. when I have had issues, it was because I had issues to address on my end