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Dec 2016
Mateo Mejia
Dec 29 2016 15:07
hello guys. I just found about about pixi and think it's awesome. I'm making a simple game in reactjs (Connect 4). Does it make sense por me to use pixie or something like react-pixie. Or is it worth it only for more complex apps
@viveleroi I'm running it through the Chrome profiler right now. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. It looks like requestAnimationFrame isn't being called frequently enough. I'm not sure why.
Justin Miller
Dec 29 2016 16:20
Another thing I forgot to mention, I'm running this under Angular 2. I will try to pull it out and see how it performs without it.
Justin Miller
Dec 29 2016 17:50
Pulling out of Angular 2 made no performance change. Out of curiosity, I decided to force canvas rather than using WebGL and now it works at 60fps. I'm on a MacBook Pro with AMD GPU so I wonder why it runs slower than canvas.

Can somebody explain to me why some sections of the timeline are idle? It causes my framerate to dip every now and then. It seems like this happens on both WebGL and Canvas renderers.

Example of idle causing long frames: 1250ms - 1285ms

Justin Miller
Dec 29 2016 21:08
It turns out that the idle times come from GPU synchronization. I'm not quite sure what I can do about that