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Jan 2017
Drew Deal
Jan 04 2017 18:07
Hey all. New to Pixi here, and trying to keep a super clean build
importing pixi adds 3Mb to my build for no good reason I can see.
import {getImages, makeGridMap, makeMappedRows, mappedFocusChange} from "../helpers/modelFn";
import $ from "jquery";
import {autoDetectRenderer, Container, loader, Sprite, Text, Graphics} from "pixi.js";
I am importing just what I need, but it does the same thing as just:
import * as PIXI from "pixi.js";
using babelify/browserify to make package
Justin Miller
Jan 04 2017 22:22

Not sure if this is a Firefox issue, or something that can be resolved within Pixi. Rendering a large amount of offscreen canvas objects works fine on Safari and Chrome, however Firefox has poor performance.

^ This is canvas renderer only. Works fine on WebGL.