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Jan 2017
Tom Lagier
Jan 30 2017 06:53
Hey folks, quick question
I'm drawing a -lot- of circles
currently my strategy is to draw a set of graphics and save them as textures
this hits my performance concerns
the graphics I am drawing are 1024x1024
and then I scale down the sprite to the necessary size
the problem is when I downscale the sprite, the circle gets quite pixelated
i've ensured that the texture is 1024x1024 with mipmap = true, and I've tried setting the scale mode to normal
no dice
is there anything else I can try that will let me share the base circle texture but let me scale it down?
Tom Lagier
Jan 30 2017 07:09
creating a new circle per sprite is too expensive :(
as is cacheAsBitmap
Tom Lagier
Jan 30 2017 07:22
what's crazy is that I still have these pixellation issues when I swap to a canvas renderer
if I set resolution: 2 and scale the whole thing with CSS, everything comes in perfectly crisp
am I just not making my textures large enough maybe?
Tom Lagier
Jan 30 2017 17:14
so the CSS fix seems like the most promising path - I just have to figure out the math to reposition and scale all hitAreas