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Feb 2017
Enriko Riba
Feb 18 2017 10:49
hiya, I have a custom AnimatedSprite that is atlas-frame based. Since the frame is a texture property if more sprites share the same atlas the last sprite setting its frame is actually setting the frame for all other animated sprites. So I tried creating a new texture from the atlas in the AnimatedSprite ctor. My question is are textures created from the same basetexture participating in texture batching?
Bryce Neal
Feb 18 2017 19:50
Hello. I'm running into a bit of an issue and wanted to see if anyone here might have some advice. I'm drawing a very large tilemap (262k tiles). Currently each tile consists of a Graphic and a Sprite inside of a container. I add them all to a parent container and set/unset visible in a requestAnimationFrame. It actually works surprisingly well, but I'm running into some pretty extreme GC pauses I suspect due to the many many objects in memory. So I'm thinking perhaps I should move this tiling onto the GPU. So my first question is, is there another way to do this natively with pixi.js ? Second question is, is there documentation somewhere for how to use the pixi plugin system to write my own WebGL plugins that "hook in" to pixi.js ? Also as an aside I did check out the pixi-tilemap plugin, but it seems to expect PIXI is a global, whereas I am importing pixi.js properly as a module using webpack. In general it seems there is some fragmentation here amongst the community which is unfortunate. Any suggestions appreciated.