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May 2017
May 03 2017 02:17
hello , my project need to load web page using Flash StageWebView (IE core) , after pixi v4.4.0 , i can't tirger any mouse event , any soultion can fix this problem ,
maybe in stagewebview can't tirger pointer event?
May 03 2017 12:43
Is there any way to wrap everything outside the view in the view? So if I draw a circle at the right edge half of the circle shows up on the left edge too.
Something like that so the line is drawn on the right but then it goes outside the view and it gets wrapped to the left.
Is it possible with a filter maybe?
I'm looking for an efficient way because the lines are meshes.
In the Unity version of our game we have 9 cameras set up in a grid and each camera is rendered onto the screen so if something goes outside the view of the center camera the camera on the side picks it up and renders it on the main view.
Christopher Pietsch
May 03 2017 15:05
will the compressed image example fixed sometime ?