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May 2017
Chad Engler
May 18 2017 00:23
Instead set visible to false to hide things you will switch on/off rapidly
Zachary Carter
May 18 2017 00:38
alright thanks I was more looking for a way to approach the API from a submit per frame basis where there isn't so much state maintained
@englercj is there any lower level access to the API where I could achieve such a thing?
kind of like the old sprite batch begin / end I think pixi used to have?
Chad Engler
May 18 2017 01:47
we manage state because we can optimize when state doesn't change (it most often doesn't)
you can do what you describe with GL, but at some point something is diffing and only applying changed state
anything else is wasteful
you could even do the same on top
say you have 100 sprites, and want to remove one. instead of have state 1 with 100 sprites, and then you remove all of them and add 99 to get to state 2; just remove 1 sprite instead
or build something that diffs your frame state objects to know what the minimum actions are and apply those actions to the pixi tree
Zachary Carter
May 18 2017 13:54
@englercj thanks for the answer. I guess pixi may not fit my use case - that or I'd need to adapt my frameworks API to include a scenegraph similar to PIXIs - what I'm trying to do is somewhat convoluted to begin with
Olav Lindekleiv
May 18 2017 14:49