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May 2017
Yeling Shi
May 24 2017 05:34
Hey Guys, One QQ regarding exporting canvas content as image, I'm trying to do this with the canvas.toDataURL method call. but that seems not working for pixijs generated canvas. e.g. with the official page:
the following call gives me an image with just black background:"canvas")[0].toDataURL("image/png"))
Yeling Shi
May 24 2017 05:39
any one?
Yeling Shi
May 24 2017 05:48
 * @param {boolean} [options.preserveDrawingBuffer=false] - enables drawing buffer preservation,
 *  enable this if you need to call toDataUrl on the webgl context.
found this in the WebGLRenderer.js.
May 24 2017 13:19
Hello! Anyone tried to use pix-ui :)?