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Jun 2017
Adam Dougherty
Jun 01 2017 08:09
aight peeps i made a text style generator if anyone wanna mess with it
Sam Vaughn
Jun 01 2017 12:49
@AJamDonut_twitter That's nifty
@AJamDonut_twitter It'd also be nice if you could adjust what text and background is used. That said, thanks for sharing.
Chad Engler
Jun 01 2017 13:43
Matt Hicks
Jun 01 2017 18:17
is there a way to make a PIXI Sprite that ignores its parent matrix?
like if I have a Sprite in a Container and that container is offset by 50x50 and the Sprite is positioned at 100x100 and normally that would put it at 150x150, but I want to ignore the parent transform and just position it at 100x100.
Matt Hicks
Jun 01 2017 18:30
so, like absolute positioning in CSS...