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Jun 2017
Chad Engler
Jun 07 2017 00:55
@darkfrog26 You could always change the docs to include the Texture type in the params.


Is it my problem/issue?

Yes. If you are a user of pixi, then it is most definitely your problem. Especially if you are the one commenting on it, then it is by definition your problem; you are the one bringing it to light :)

I'm busy 24/7, I work. I was just saying, the docs are messed up.

So do I, all of us do who work on Pixi. We do what we can in our free time, and ask that people help especially when they have an issue. Even saying which particular parts are broken, and in what way, is helpful because we can try to find time to fix it. However, "it is broken" is not something we can fix. The best way to "pay" for a piece of free software is to try and give back to the community that created it by contributing to the project.