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Jun 2017
Matt Hicks
Jun 09 2017 01:54
@Hachitus I created a work-around, but no, it would still be the best option to have control over the world matrix of the component.
Jun 09 2017 02:43
Hey all, I am looking for a way to do texture mapping in pixijs but can't find anything, does anyone have resources on how to do that?
    graphics.drawCircle(2.5 * scale, 4.1225 * scale, 2 * scale);

    let texture =, PIXI.settings.SCALE_MODE, 16/9);

    let michael_tex = PIXI.Texture.from('../assets/michael.jpg');

    for(var i = 0; i < number_of_particles; ++i) {
      var x = Math.random() *;
      var y = Math.random() *;

      var sprite = new PIXI.Sprite(texture);
      sprite.x = x;
      sprite.y = y;


      let particle = new Particle(x, y);
      particle.saveTo = sprite.position;
      particle.sprite = sprite;
      particle.scale = scale;

i want to avoid having to do any loop that will generate the textures that i use for the sprites, adds a ton of load time
but i probably can just map the texture to the sprite and then mask it with the graphics object
Jun 09 2017 13:36
Hey everyone, is there a way to add a mask to a particle?
Adam Dougherty
Jun 09 2017 15:11
yo peeps im looking for help testing my game please! the details are here: any help would be much appreciated (i hope posting this link is okay :) )