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Jun 2017
Chad Engler
Jun 10 2017 15:09


So, if this was community, and published to the official docs everyone is seeing, why isn't nobody correcting things in PR's?

People do correct docs all the time in PRs. Here are just a few examples:

  • pixijs/pixi.js#3925
  • pixijs/pixi.js#3923
  • pixijs/pixi.js#3843
  • pixijs/pixi.js#3784
  • pixijs/pixi.js#3750
  • pixijs/pixi.js#3498
  • pixijs/pixi.js#3091

Some things doesn't make since, don't work, out of place, and just wrong.

If you see things that are wrong, open an issue so we can track and fix them :)