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Jul 2017
Jul 07 2017 03:53
If I use PIXI.Sprite.from(img) with a NPOT image, how does pixi handle that?
Jul 07 2017 08:40
Hey I have some more questions regarding performance.
Even though I improved the performance on my work PC with 50% by using a different sorting method it is still garbage on a Macbook with retina screen.
I'm not quite sure how to read out this performance report but to me it seems it's all on the ticker, rendering and emitter which seems to be all from PIXI.
Our game really doesn't have that much stuff going on yet since we're still prototyping so does PIXI just not work good on retina screens?
Jul 07 2017 08:55
hello , i have device ,it gl.getExtension('ANGLE_instanced_arrays') return null
it will cause pixi v4 slow?
Jul 07 2017 09:03
is muti-texture batch using ANGLE_instanced_arrays?
Jul 07 2017 12:46
So I just hooked up a 4k screen next to a normal screen and the result is very weird and interesting...
So I created a blank template with a scene container and a circle in it.
When I run it on a normal screen I get 60FPS as expected but when I drag the window and put 1 pixel of the window on the 4k screen the FPS drops to like 30.
The same goes for when the entire window is on the 4k screen.
I don't do any canvas rescaling when swapping to a different screen resolution so it seems be be something PIXI is doing.
The canvas width/height and renderer width/height doesn't change
So I find it really weird that the performance drops so much ( as you can see in the second image the amount of content rendered is still the same.