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Aug 2017
Hoàng Mạnh Cầm
Aug 02 2017 07:03
hey guys. I'm newbie here. I have a question: How can I use Pixijs and Three JS together? I have searched google but I can't find the right answer I need. And if anyone have an example for this case. Please guide me. Thank you
Aug 02 2017 15:28
FYI: FConsole for pixi comes handy sometimes. Does anybody know a more complete explorer/editor?
Aug 02 2017 15:39
@CamManhHoang are you using WebGL Insight chrome extension? in devtools it lets you explore Resources->textures and other things that may help you understand the internals. ALSO, in chrome devtools you have access to Sources that doesn't seems to have any protection. They may be using webpack to generate the main.js file. Look at this file of them, open it also in console sources to put breakpoints and see what they do.