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Aug 2017
Mark van Veen
Aug 20 2017 15:23
Hi all, just wondering whether I'm going insane or not... :')
I got a simple Sprite loaded with a 32x32 texture, and I rotate that by 90 degrees (90/180*Math.PI).
I've set the anchor of the sprite to 0.5, so I'd expect the sprite to rotate around its' center... it does not. Keeps rotating around the 0, 0 point as far as I can see.
I've also tried .pivot.set(16, 16) instead of .anchor.set(0.5) which (to my knowledge) should work as well... it doesn't. Anyone got any clue what's going on?
Running on PixIJS 4.5.4 if that's of any help.
Jakub R Pawlowski
Aug 20 2017 16:50
Put it in the container
And rotate container
That's what I do and it works
I'm also using current version
Without jsfiddle I can't really help more sorry
Good luck