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Sep 2017
Sam Stiles
Sep 16 2017 12:44
I'm having a hard time finding resources to figure out how to make a sprite render wherever my mouses x + y are
specifically that I'd like to implement a fancy animated cursor (a crosshair)
I have the mouse move events X + Y
but that, obviously, gives me the X+Y on the screen
I need to somehow, I guess, "ray cast" down from the mouse x+y? I guess?
To determine what point on my stage that translates to
Ivan Popelyshev
Sep 16 2017 15:58
did you see dragging examples? - that's one of best dragging examples, just click or move red squares

if you want to just ask "which element is under a point", you have to use "renderer.plugins.interaction.hitTest", look at its sources: