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Nov 2017
Ivan Vodopiviz
Nov 03 2017 15:59 UTC
I've been researching on compressed textures for a project, but file size remains an issue. @ivanpopelyshev, in this issue pixijs/pixi-spine#169 you mention using GZipped DXTs, albeit only for desktop. Is it truly desktop only? Why?
Ivan Popelyshev
Nov 03 2017 18:15 UTC
Because s3tc compression works only on PC's
for mobiles you need gzipped pvr's ))
There's a hope for "basis" format later
Ivan Vodopiviz
Nov 03 2017 23:24 UTC
Yeah, I thought the gzip part was PC only. So if I tell pixi-compressed-textures to load a “.pvrtc.gz” it should work?