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Nov 2017
Nov 08 2017 16:05
I'm programing about it over a month and I have another question xD. Sure, I've been reading about limits with PIXI and SpriteSheet. Then, really, Can I use, for example, over ten different Spritesheets in my game for desktop? Is there actually a specific limit?
Chad Engler
Nov 08 2017 16:06
The only limit is the hardware
you can use as many as you want, but they have to fit onto the GPU memory
Nov 08 2017 16:06
Yes!!! sure!!
All the web-games have few spritesheets for one reason, the memory.
the mobile memory
I dont understand what happend with desktop. People talking about limits and memory in desktop.
Solution. 1 Spritesheet for mobile, N+1 for Desktop
no? is this a good way?