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Nov 2017
Nov 17 2017 11:12
I want to build a game like I create a first and then create a container called clientView insides. I render all my sprites on app.stage and I want to render clientView to my window so that when the client move , I only have to move the container and render it to my windows. Do anyone have good suggestion to implement this, and can I only render a container instead of the whole stage?
Ivan Popelyshev
Nov 17 2017 12:24
@ByronHsu and I answered on forums
@woowe no, its bad, read the code for PIXI.Application and make your own app if you need multiple renderers and tickers and whatever
Application is just a stupid mashup, its made for demos and hello-worlds
everyone wants their own gameloop and custom params for rendering and other things ;)
Application is the first class that you have to rewrite for your project. The more you work, the more stuff in pixi gets overridden by your code.
basically, if you want to use everything from other people, look at Phaser. If you want deep integration and serious optimizations, use pixi but prepare to read our code and understand it, to make your own engine using our experience :)