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Nov 2017
Alexander Tappin
Nov 29 2017 19:15

Hey everyone... I have a question regarding webgl "weirdness". We are using pixijs at work and on a few "slow" pc's using IE, there is weirdness with the objects being drawn, flickering, etc. When I put the flag to "forceCanvas" and "legacy", the issues are no longer there and performance is improved.

The question I have is, what would be the best way to solve this issue? I don't want to always forceCanvas since capable pc's will be using this app. One solution would be to run some type of benchmark when the machine first loads the app, store that value and forever reference that value to determine forceCanvas or not. The issue is, I am not sure what benchmark to run and how accurate that can be.

I can provide photos if necessary.

This is working photo... Below is the issue photo
Thank you.
Nov 29 2017 20:56
I have a texture that was originally loaded from an image.
Later I want to modify that texture, so I create a canvas and build a new image.
I update the texture by doing:
texture.baseTexture.source = canvas
However the mipmaps are not re-generated. How can I re-generate the mipmaps?