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Jan 2018
Roi Peker
Jan 12 2018 17:38
After 1 day of trying to adopt the JS ecosystem, I can only say it's a fucking nightmare, it sucks TERRIBLY ...
Jan 12 2018 19:06
@roipeker I hear you, we're in the process of re-doing all of our stuff in JS, moving from AS3. It has it's advantages, but there are disadvantages too. The whole ecosystem is definitely hard to wrap your head around coming from flash.
For pure animations, I think Spine is light years ahead of flash
We decided to use pure html/css for our UI. We had a custom UI in as3 with dropdowns, scrolling areas, buttons, list boxes, etc. and it was a HUGE undertaking. We really liked the idea of being able to get all that "for free" with html
Jan 12 2018 19:13
I agree with Ivan 100%, use tsc on it's own before moving to a build system, especially to get started
as he said, it concatenates all the files into a single js file, so it makes it really easy to get up and running quickly
We use gulp, but only for asset management, the compiling is all done through straight TSC
Ivan Popelyshev
Jan 12 2018 19:39
@roipeker I look at the other languages and yes , JS sucks, but community is large :)
Jan 12 2018 19:43
JS does suck, but TS is actually enjoyable once you get used to it