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Jan 2018
Roi Peker
Jan 13 2018 14:20
thx for the feedback :)
Roi Peker
Jan 13 2018 14:25

My main issue, isn't the language itself (JS is AS1) ... but all the boilerplate shit around it to "make it work" ...

<script module="">, export, import, nothing works... then gulp, then classes for ES6... how to put 5 JS libs in the same file... how that output JS file ends up being 1.2mb of characters... because i used 2 libraries..
I'm trying to learn by example, and yet, everything I looked around so far has a different approach of how to "build" JS. requiring external things all the time, and all the basic knowledge to understand how those tools works is taken for granted...
idk if i am explaining myself properly, but i'm sure most of u guys faced the same years ago, the thing is, each day gets more complex, as more "NPM modules" and libs are adding into the mix... making things more complicated than simpler...