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May 2018
May 22 2018 12:12
After the animation is finished, how to destroy the container?
I looked at the document, and I didn't find the relevant API!
May 22 2018 13:41
Hello. Has anyone here tried to test their games with Selenium/Appium? I have an issue regarding that. With Selenium on a Desktop Browser I can click an element by simply using Seleniums click method. But when I try the same on a Mobile device, nothing happens. I also tried to use different methods native to Appium like tap, this didn't work either. As a workaround it should be possible to trigger the according event on the element via javascript. But I don't know which event I have to trigger, since I didn't create the game. I'm also not sure if this would be the correct way to workaround this since I don't have any experience with pixi. Thanks in advance.
May 22 2018 23:01
Does anyone have experience with creating custom renderer plugins? I'm struggling with creating one that can render to a lower resolution