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Jun 2018
Jun 02 2018 10:21
Can anyone point me towards an idiomatic way to do matrix transforms in PIXI?
e.g. we have a display object, and a transformation matrix which we have built from a number of multiplied transformations. How do we do this? I can't seem to find a reliable way to obtain the object's local transformation matrix - it appears to be empty
Jun 02 2018 10:55
Never mind - I was accidentally overwriting the local tf matrix
Jun 02 2018 18:16
@englercj Thanks, I'll try to look into that. For now, it seems that the crash is due to GlowFliter from pixi-filters
The last dev called 7 arguments with the GlowFilter constructor, but I'm looking at the docs and it takes only 5, so that may be the problem...
I'll probably have to compare the docs for v3 and v4 then
Update: it seems v3 takes two additional arguments, height and width. I removed those, it fixes the crash, but the animations related to the GlowFilter are now off. But hey, a new error is always welcome!