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Jul 2018
Mark Knol
Jul 09 2018 11:59
with Graphics, when should you use endFill?
I ask this, because if I omit the endfill everything still works.
for example I have this
var boxes = _engine.dynamicBoxes.concat(_engine.staticBoxes);
for (box in boxes) {
    graphics.beginFill(box.debugColor, .5);
    graphics.drawRect(box.x + box.bounds.x, box.y + box.bounds.y, box.width, box.height);
    // endfill?
    graphics.beginFill(box.debugColor, 1);
    graphics.drawRect(box.x - 0.5, box.y - 0.5, 1, 1);
is endFill needed inbetween (or doesnt it even matter?)
Mark Knol
Jul 09 2018 12:04
also, I was wondering if using a texture would be faster than using Graphics (in case you only need rectangles)
Chad Engler
Jul 09 2018 14:02
Use endFill when you no longer want the thing you will draw to be filled
endFill just resets the state so that there is no fill happening anymore.