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Aug 2018
Bede Overend
Aug 28 2018 09:24
@ivanpopelyshev no not at all, sorry I'm responding two days after that...we're not using a RenderTexture. Though when I trace what's going on, we're using quite a few texture + filters (e.g. KawaseBlurFilter / DropShadowFilter) - would these contribute?
I'll look into the max texture / max framebuffer size
and thanks for getting back to me! :)
Ivan Popelyshev
Aug 28 2018 12:36
oh. No guarantees about DropShadowFilter behaviour :)
Bede Overend
Aug 28 2018 12:40
Ah, as in, could just break, don't really know?
Oh also any ideas why we'd be seeing errors from other GL parts? e.g. W: [.Offscreen-SomeOtherRandomClassName-WebGL-0x...]GL ERROR...
Ivan Popelyshev
Aug 28 2018 12:43
as in , it uses features of pixi that can.. yeah..
its easy to break webgl
DropShadowFilter appeared in many issues
and i didnt investigate whats the problem with it
for exampel, it can use too many texture lookups => shader wont compile => ...
i understand that dropshadow itself is very common effect in browser and flash
but it requires so many things
Bede Overend
Aug 28 2018 12:52
hmmm....ok thanks! I actually was just testing and noticed that turning on DropShadowFilter in conjunction with almost any other filter just makes the canvas go black...will investigate some more
^^ only on an older device btw
Ivan Popelyshev
Aug 28 2018 12:53
:) texture lookups count
adjust quality
there are parameters to heal that
also thats the only filter we cant port to v5
Bede Overend
Aug 28 2018 12:55
Seems to happen with quality @ 1
This is a very old device, is there anything in the WebGL stats that would allow us to check if it would support a filter like that?
There're no errors in the console or anything
WebGL report **