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Sep 2018
Sep 05 2018 05:20
Is it possible to create a droppable rectangle using PIXI.Graphics()
want to drop objects into the rectangle
Sep 05 2018 05:35
like drag and drop using divs in jquery
Sep 05 2018 07:34
I am looking for a way to find the position on a sprite where I have clicked, not just the sprite. Is there a helper function for this or do I have to calculate it myself by the sprite position within the stage?
Sep 05 2018 23:24

Hi all, just looking for some info if anyone has it on pixi-lights. I've successfully got my scene lit and working with normal maps.

My question is: Can I add a sprite to the scene without a normal map? I've tried and the result is a semi-transparent sprite. I'm assuming it's because it doesn't have a normal map.