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Sep 2018
david ebukali
Sep 24 2018 09:10
Hello everyone, I am developing additional events for PIXI.UI but cannot find much documentation. Can someone please point me to a resource to explain development of events for PIXI.UI.Container for PIXI.UI. Any help is appreciated.
Ivan Popelyshev
Sep 24 2018 09:37
There's one such resource
Lol :)
david ebukali
Sep 24 2018 09:44
lol :) thanks Ivan, unfortunately I havent received replies from his reddit or tweeter in 8 days now.
ōŋѕεĿ αкıи
Sep 24 2018 12:02
Hi guys. I'm sure this was asked a bazillion times but I was unable to find an up to date info so I'm going to ask again. I'm going to create a new word game and thinking about the performance on Android devices. There are lots of confusing info around the web. Some recommend using CocoonJS to package the app, some say there's not a performance problem etc. What's the best way to package a game developed with PixiJS for mobile devices? Is there a guidance? Is there something critical I should know before the kickoff? Thanks in advance!
david ebukali
Sep 24 2018 13:07
@ivanpopelyshev he responded on github and the issue was closed; mobile touch events exist