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Sep 2018
Sep 30 2018 08:42 UTC

I found a bug when use pixi-sound with pixi.js and i post it here pixijs/pixi-sound#75

the code below will cause pixi-sound throw an exception.

var loader = new PIXI.loaders.Loader()

if we dont set {loadType:4},no exception occurs but loader's resource list can not get video data(it's empty).

code in pixi-sound's SoundUtils.ts file atline 72:

const types:{[key:string]:string} = {m4a:"mp4",oga:"ogg"}

if I deletem4a:"mp4", ,it will work all right without any exception .and now resource list can hold the video data.
why load mp4 as a sound file? how to load video in pixi.js?

Nisim Joseph
Sep 30 2018 19:47 UTC
Hi, I need to build a simple game like, Hay Day map, with elements around and the "angle" that world has. can I do it with PixiJS?
It 2D game but the graphics looks 3D.
any examples I can see and learn how to do it?