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Nov 2018
manish chauhan
Nov 12 2018 07:08
Joshua K. Farrar
Nov 12 2018 07:08
manish chauhan
Nov 12 2018 07:10
i am using pixijs version 4.7.1 for one of my game and sometime it's crashing on chrome
  1. i am using a fixed framerate for all device's 24 fps and setting legacy flag true for older device and there are only one spritesheet in my whole project
can u guide me further memory optimization process so i can check out these memory issue's
Nov 12 2018 14:19

I get an error on the line :

app.stage = new PIXI.display.Stage();

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Stage' of undefined"
Why does it work on the Examples page, and not on mine?
The error is not useful to me, except that I can see that Display, a supposed member of PIXI, is null
The example looks like it loads 4.8.2, how do I see what plugins/extras it loads?

Excuse my blantant miss-reading:

Used plugins: pixi-spine, pixi-projection (+spine), pixi-display

Now I just need to figure out how to do the _details.json thing, or find the doc for it
Nov 12 2018 14:27

Hmm, it's unclear which pixi-spine branch is the current one to use with the 4.8.2 PIXI

If anyone has set this up recently, please do get in touch

hehe, looks like Master though, onwards I go