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    [telegram] <Astrokamel> as an end user sudo apt get stuff is easy and a good user experience
    [telegram] <Astrokamel> nice, thx for that
    [telegram] <pizzalovingnerd> The issue with packaging is you either have to package 7 million different formats, or you have to rely on someone else to do it for you for each distro
    [telegram] <pizzalovingnerd> For the user, packages are great, but for developers, they are a nightmare
    [telegram] <Astrokamel> haha
    [telegram] <Astrokamel> you ever use magic-wormhole? i just checked and it seems they now have an apt package but originally i think they just basically said "install python then do pip install magic-wormhole". when i read that i thought to myself "linux packaging sucks so much you resort to just using pip?" lol
    [telegram] <pizzalovingnerd> Pip doesn’t work with stuff that isn’t python, but pip could be a solution
    [telegram] <Astrokamel> to be fair, python may be at least partly to blame. i love python, but if i had a complaint it's that the environment and importing system is very confusing to new users
    [telegram] <Astrokamel> sorry, wasn't suggesting using pip it just reminded me of that
    [telegram] <pizzalovingnerd> It’s ok
    [telegram] <pizzalovingnerd> I’m going to sleep now, my brother woke me up to help someone in Minecraft and I’m tired. Goodnight
    [telegram] <Astrokamel> goodnight!
    [discord] <Highly unClassified Information> Nice
    [discord] <Highly unClassified Information> NUmber
    [discord] <Highly unClassified Information> N ine
    [discord] <Highly unClassified Information> Nigeria
    [discord] <Elijah> hello hi
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> Hi
    [discord] <Elijah> hey bro just found ur channel u make great videos love from uk
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> Thanks 😄
    [discord] <Elijah> hey i was wondering if i could boot from an external ssd like install ubuntu to this
    [discord] <Elijah> oh cant paste here
    [discord] <Elijah> basically a usb to sata cable
    [discord] <Elijah> i want to be able to boot from ssd but plugged via usb
    [discord] <Elijah> externaly if that makes sense
    [discord] <Elijah> could u help me with that bro? @PizzaLovingNerd
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> @Elijah Install Ubuntu from a USB and you would be able to select the External SSD from the installer
    [discord] <Elijah> ok ill do that but erm can u show me how to change stuff ibn the boot menu afterwards so i can boot from ssd
    [discord] <Elijah> would i set it as usb
    [discord] <Elijah> since
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> You spam F12 or something depending on your PC
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> And boot off the drive
    [discord] <Elijah> my situation with the ssd i wanna use rn
    [discord] <Elijah> lol think u can help
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> Change the boot order in the drive
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> to use the SSD first
    [discord] <Elijah> i dmd u
    [discord] <Elijah> i cant put screen shots here]
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> Now try
    [discord] <Elijah> ty
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> Get a Ubuntu USB
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> Than plug the SSD in
    [discord] <PizzaLovingNerd> And install it to the SSD
    [discord] <Elijah> and will it wipe all these wierd partitions
    [discord] <Elijah> shall i use etcher to create my live usb
    [discord] <Elijah> will etcher do the job
    [discord] <Elijah> Ty @PizzaLovingNerd it worked out brilliantly Ubuntu 20.04 is awesome bro haven't used it in years
    [matrix] <> No
    [telegram] <KaiLoveLinux> no?