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Apr 2017
Erik Huelsmann
Apr 24 2017 21:46
@pjlsergeant issued a PR to the Test-Harness project of the perl toolchain gang: Perl-Toolchain-Gang/Test-Harness#64
@pjlsergeant that should further enable parallel testing for .feature files.
For LedgerSMB, that doesn't yet fully "do it", because we need Test::BDD::Cucumber::Extension triggers to know when a new feature is being forked.
But for other projects which don't use a shared resource (like we do with our databases), parallel testing should start working once the Test-Harness fix is in.
or we could implement our own Stream derivative which returns the filehandle today.
(I'm inclined to document that it works "as-of version <whatever> of Test::Harness")